Alleanza Quartz Hits Headlines in StoneWorld


Today, Alleanza Quartz was featured in an informative article “Cultivating A Culture That Invites Alliances” published by StoneWorld – an online news source for international professionals in the stone industry. Within the article, President of Trajus Surfaces Mario Persico and Senior Marketing Director Nico Maganuco both shared their insight, explaining the thinking and strategy behind the creation of the Alleanza Quartz brand. Read the full article here to learn more about Alleanza Quartz and where AQ is headed as a brand.

Alleanza Quartz is the surface of choice of many fabricators, interior designers, architects, and homeowners seeking the best in quality, durability, and style. For more information about the Alleanza Quartz brand and product line, visit and see why so many are opting for AQ.