Behind the Scenes of Custom Cinema Design


Love the movies but don’t want to leave your house? You don’t need a large space to create the custom cinema of your dreams. We’ll take you behind the scenes of home theater design methods, so you can share your film passion with family and friends from the comfort of your very own venue.

Monarch_grey_soapstone_theater_room_mid_century_1000x750SCENE 1: CONCESSIONS

Snack bars come in all shapes and sizes. Equip yours with useful components like a mini fridge, microwave, sink, and ample storage. Top off your single-layer or split-level snack bar with Alleanza Quartz. Its stain-resistant properties ensure your favorite candies and beverages won’t stain no matter how often the kids spill them. Add any fancy appliances you like – perhaps a mini slushie machine or old-fashioned popcorn maker.

Monarch_CALACATTA_PRIMO_home_theater_modern_1000x750SCENE 2: THEATER SHOWCASE

In between acoustic boards, line the walls with a simple horizontal quartz design or vertical quartz columns to mimic traditional theater paneling. Implement book-matching for symmetry on opposite walls or select a custom waterjet design to encapsulate the artistic flair of Hollywood. AQ will easily enhance the display of movie paraphernalia. Hang posters in between slabs or lay out props over quartz shelving. You can also install thin light strips and surround sound speakers for a fully immersive experience.

Monarch_Bianco_fantastico_Home_theater_transitional_1000x750SCENE 3: FRAMING YOUR MOTION PICTURE

Before you dim the lights, complete your home cinema with a quartz feature wall that frames your screen. Coupled with a self-hiding TV or roll-up projection screen, this will upscale the theater’s appearance and allow your space to function for other purposes when you’re not watching a movie. Keep the floor level or divide its elevation in steps to maximize viewing. For the finale, fill the room with a comfy couch or rows of pull-out sofa chairs where you and your loved ones can sit back, relax, and enjoy every showing.

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