Bring a Fresh Coastal Breeze of AQ Design to Your Space


Bright airy hues, soft linens, oceanic splashes of color, and natural treasures from seashells to driftwood can transform your very own home into an exclusive tropical getaway. Whether you live on the seaboard or miles away from shore, Alleanza Quartz countertops add relaxing veined waves and a smooth, spacious feel to your coastal space.

What is for sure is that the town today is home to about 2,000 residents who enjoy its scenic Avon beach and boardwalk, as well as their seaside residences – like this 3-story beach house.

This home’s architecture and design have complete coastal character. In the kitchen, the white background of Montclair Extra / AQ105 countertops brings cohesion to the white shaker cabinets and crown molding, while extending the room’s open-air feel.

These countertops also feature ripples of gray veining laid out like the pattern in which light reflects off of ocean waves. The gray ties together some of the room’s darker components including the backsplash and gray cabinets in the island and back left, as well as the deep-toned wood floors.

The owner of this home can prep fish, cut citrus, and throw together their favorite coastal recipes on their AQ countertops without fear because they are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

A mix of glass, beige cloth, and wooden light fixtures throughout the home bring together textures you’d naturally find along the beach. Wood X patterns in the craftsmanship of the upper kitchen and living room cabinets, boxed living room ceiling beams, and wainscoting in the bedroom ceiling cutout give the space more dimension, while a striped accent blanket draped over the bedroom chair gives the allure of a warm beach towel.

Throughout the house, the flow of white, blue, and gray continues, along with more natural wood elements in the flooring, ceiling, and furniture. Plentiful windows framed in crown molding maximize the natural light and allow for an ebb and flow of that beautiful sea breeze.

This project was completed by CMM Homes, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, Melillo Architecture, and L.B. Forcellati & Sons, Inc.