Express Your Inner Artist with Alleanza Quartz


Whether it’s in a professional building or in the comfort of your own home, your art studio should be the place where you can unleash your creativity to its full potential. Yet for some, this just isn’t the case. Alleanza Quartz is here to help make that happen, so you can feel free to express your inner artist every time you step inside.

michelangelo-art-studioCREATIVE SURFACE

From paint, pencils, charcoal, oil pastels, and clay to markers, glue, glitter, and paper mâché, your medium is bound to get on your work surface, but that’s okay! As Michael J. Fox put it, “A creative mess is better than idle tidiness.” – and now you can really live by that motto. Keep your artwork uninhibited with any Alleanza Quartz surface. Just spray with a non-abrasive cleaner and wipe away marks, splatters, and splotches with a soft cloth. AQ comes with a lifetime warranty so you can keep doing what you love – and even let family and friends in on the fun – without the worry.

bologna-art-studioSUPPLY STORAGE

How you store and organize supplies is key to keeping your creativity flowing. Stock small items like brushes, beads, and thin tools in clear jars, labeled drawers, and divided compartments to prevent mixing and shifting of materials. Take advantage of cabinet space for larger equipment, keeping frequently used items more accessible. Install open quartz shelves or cubbies for stackable items and anything that needs to stay out to dry. You can even weave in some diagonal or organically shaped storage units to keep the artsy theme going strong.

grey-soapstone-art-studioA SHOWCASE FOR YOUR WORK

Add an AQ feature wall to further express your favorite design style, using a uniform pattern for more focus or a veined (perhaps even book-matched) pattern for more interest and to serve as a source of inspiration for future creations. Blend any support columns into your room by covering them with matching quartz. To put the final touches on your art studio, select a few stellar pieces you’d like to showcase. You can then hang them flat on drywall framed with quartz borders or display them atop quartz shelving units.

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