How much are quartz countertops?

When asking how much quartz countertops are, there is no single answer to the question. There are five factors that determine the cost:

  1. The quality of the quartz
    In general, quartz comes in three quality types. You can choose from best quality, better quality, and basic quality. Of course, the best quality quartz is going to cost more. However, it will also be more durable, more attractive, and more resilient.
  2. Size of the countertops
    Of course, if you need more quartz to cover a larger area, it will cost more. Your fabricator will measure the size of your project and give you a quote with material and labor together.
  3. Grade of the quartz
    The quartz grade has a major impact on the cost you’ll pay. Standard- or basic-grade quartz usually has a more earthy-toned shade. Meanwhile, designer-grade or premium-grade quartz is richer in quality. It is also available in a wider range of tones and shades. This makes it more costly to buy. For example, our AQ Thassos Extra is the whitest white on the market, because our quartz grade is so pure.
  4. Complexity of the installation
    The cost of the quartz itself is only part of the price. You will also need to consider the installation fee. This will naturally be higher if the installation is a complex one. A slab with no corners or seams will be straightforward and easy to install. As a result, the installation cost will be lower. On the other hand, if the worktop has many seams or is waterfall, it will be harder to install. This will raise the cost. If the edging or corners are custom or require adjustments, the price will also be higher.

  5. Thickness and width of the quartz
    A thicker, wider slab will naturally cost more, as it has much more raw material in the slab.