How to clean quartz countertops

Knowing how to clean quartz countertops is important to keep your surfaces looking good. Without regular cleaning, your surfaces won’t look their best. Fortunately, quartz is a low-maintenance material. Just follow these simple instructions to keep your countertops clean and perfect:

  1. Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe down the surface using soap and water.
  2. If there is any built-up of food residue on the countertop surface, gently scrape it off. Even though quartz has the highest level of scratch resistance, take care while cleaning to preserve your investment.
  3. Remove any grease on the surface by using a safe degreasing agent.
  4. Finally, wipe down the countertop once more using a damp, soft, clean cloth.

Although quartz countertops are low maintenance and are very stain-resistant, sometimes you may need to remove tough marks. This may occur if you have not immediately cleaned up a particularly staining spillage (think red wine!). You can remove tough stains by applying a little isopropyl rubbing alcohol to the surface. If you need to achieve a deeper clean, we recommend a no-scratch Scotch-Brite pad along with a non-abrasive cleaner (avoid any agents that have pH of 8.5 or higher).

The best course of action is to minimize the need for major cleaning of your surfaces by taking preventative steps. Preventing any marks or stains from occurring in the first place will help protect your investment. As soon as a spill occurs, make sure to clean it up quickly. You should use a chopping board whenever cutting food and avoid placing anything at a high temperature on the surface. And just like other surfaces, don’t use any harsh chemicals to clean the countertop. Everyday clean water and soap works well!