Three Inspirational AQ Home Bar Ideas to Lounge in Style


Whether you love to party often or casually entertain every once in a while, here are some stylish and functional AQ design ideas to help your space better serve you, so you can relax and enjoy the party alongside your guests.


If you have a larger main floor, a separated wet bar will keep things organized and prevent crowding in the kitchen when you have company. Whether it spans a full wall or a partial wall, this type of bar easily fits diagonal, cellar-style shelving to keep your wine in stellar condition, as well as level shelves to safely display glasses. Subtle designs like AQ’s Amalfi Coast can couple with anything from lighter woods to vibrantly colored cabinets to maintain levity in this area while keeping in line with the overall style of your home.


If you want to go all out, a basement bar is the perfect fit for you and your guests. With more storage and room for bar stool seating, this home bar style gives a professional look. Displaying your favorite bottles against the wall adds to classic look and feel while a split-level counter keeps set-up spills out of sight and easier to manage. Regardless of finish type, all AQ designs are stain-free and antimicrobial, so you can let loose and go rustic with a textured design like AQ’s Citta Dark without the fear of ruining your new bar.


Limited on space? That won’t stop you from having a good time! A practical mini bar will still leave plenty of party room. Using a side table with built-in storage, small island, or tiny designated section of kitchen space can accomplish all you need to host your next event. Keep a tray on top for your whiskey set and stack drinks in a mini fridge below. Situate the unit anywhere you like and enjoy it for plenty of years to come thanks to AQ’s lifetime warranty.

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