Using Pastel Colors to Create Captivating Kitchen and Bath Designs


Designer Jillian Sarkis of Emerald Design Studio has a vast array of stunning style techniques. One that pops up frequently is her artful use of pastel colors. Let’s take a closer looks at how she uses the pastel color palette to weave together some of her most outstanding renderings.

“This fun, eclectic space uses Alleanza Quartz Citta Steel to ground the many colors and textures in this space,” said Jillian. “While not a huge space, this kitchen has been designed to maximize the space available while also packing an aesthetic punch!”

A full splash of color gives this room a charismatic feel. Teal green countertops and curtains, a light blue refrigerator, and natural wood tabletops and shelving play off the quilt-like backsplash, which carries its vibrancy all the way to the ceiling. Uniquely stained floor panels add whimsicality and depth, while complementing other existing elements with a rainbow of pastel tints. A combination of various textures, including the weaved lamp shade, thin-planked ceiling, and several live plants, complete the room’s comprehensive, boho chic style.

Alleanza Quartz Verona countertops top off this kitchen’s light Frosted Green cabinets like whip cream on mint ice cream. The color resonates with a 1950s vibe for all those old-school diner and ice cream parlor lovers, while the straight edges, wide spacing, and overall minimalist design create a contemporary base to prevent the space from feeling outdated. Let’s not ignore the grand, picturesque window that looks out to the backyard’s tropical garden oasis.

Pops of pink can sometimes appear too powerful, but not in this transitional kitchen. The dazzling custom range and hood, along with a pink mixer and pink flowers, allow the customer to enjoy their favorite color daily without overwhelming their guests. Dark brown cabinets, a touch of diamond-trimmed frosted glass, and clear glass lighting tone down the space with the help of white subway tile backsplash and white paint. Calacatta Borghini countertops around the perimeter, waterfall island, and on the wall behind the range match well with the floor tiles. Gold faucets, cabinet handles, and knobs and trim on the stove and range add vibrant, sophisticated accents.

This coastal kitchen looks right out onto the ocean. Jilllian ensured that while listening to sounds of the seashore, her customers will enjoy a calm mix of oceanic colors and beachy textures. White upper cabinets, a layered stove hood, and a simple fish scale backsplash keep the space delicately refreshed. Aqua lower cabinets, aqua shelves, and four aqua cabinet linings calmly coordinate with the coastal color palette, while wainscoting in the exterior cabinet paneling adds beachy character. The texture of the tan Amalfi Coast countertops recalls the laid-back look of sand just outside the window. There’s plenty of counterspace to make sandwiches and iced tea for the family beach picnic.

Seeking a design that’s as creative and tailored to your style needs as these fantastic renderings? Alleanza Quartz can help you imagine and build your Life in Style.