A Living Room Worth Living In


This space is where you’d traditionally spend a lot of time. It’s where your friends would hang out, where your family should chill, and where you could have the freedom to unwind. It’s called a living room, but we must ask: is yours really being lived in? Alleanza Quartz is here to ensure your living room lives up to its name, so you can truly live in your element.


A fireplace brings physical and visual warmth to your living room while adding to its character and interest. Depending upon your home’s architecture, it can be visible from one or more sides and multiple rooms. Fully dress this statement piece in a bold, veined or book-matched AQ design or delicately complement it with an AQ mantle. Browse our products and order samples to see which design is best suited for your living room.


Like the look of a full built-in bookcase? Leaning towards a tiny unit with just a few shelves? Either one works! Neatly arrange your favorite novels, CDs, and small accent items throughout to add color and life to your living room. Smooth things out using a polished AQ design or throw in a little texture with a Citta or Tuscan series design from our Manhattan Collection. Installing a rotating or hinged bookcase door will give the kids a secret hideout or grant you access to your own hidden chamber.

Manhattan_Ferro_coffee_table_traditional_1000x750COFFEE TABLE

Alleanza Quartz is stain-resistant and antibacterial, making it the ideal surface for your coffee mugs and teacups to rest on. Match up the size of your coffee table to balance out with your seating arrangement and choose a shape that coordinates with your style of choice. Let quartz serve as the full tabletop or use it as inlay in a traditional wooden coffee table for a diverse effect. You can even enjoy your leftover quartz pieces by turning them into a matching coaster set.

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