Bathroom Installation

Bright Ideas to Enlighten Your Space


finding your decorIs the search for proper lighting making you feel left in the dark? With a simple flick of a switch, you can turn your space into a well-lit wonder! From glamorous chandeliers and candescent candelabras to basic desk lamps, Alleanza Quartz has some enlightening design tips to help you find the décor you love.

finding your decor

Just as paints will appear to vary in different lighting, so will your quartz countertops! Use whiter lights to maintain color purity of mid-range and darker AQ surfaces and ensure high visibility in reading and work areas. Warmer lights on whiter designs will calm the tone of the room and create a cozier feel. Test out different wattages to find the perfect intensity or use a dimmer for ultimate flexibility when changing room function. Feel free to add colored bulbs for a more modern vibe or use fixtures with crystals for rainbows effects.   

finding your decor

From traditional hanging lamps and studio-style spotlights to romantic wall sconces and playful nightlights, there are so many luminous options to choose your style from. Select fixtures that complement the countertop’s pattern, texture, or shape. Break up a bunch of straight edges with a cylindrical, globe-shaped, or organic light. Light bars and rectangular lamps illuminate wider areas and echo the countertop arrangements below. Pull colors directly from your counters or contrast them with accent lamp shades.

finding your decor

Shed some light on quartz shelves and focal points to continue color consistency and reduce unwanted shadows. Light will add definition to any AQ design and reflect nicely off those with a polished finish. Installing inset lighting inside of select cabinets and underneath upper cabinets is a bright idea for function and ambience in kitchens, bathrooms, and workspaces. Position lights in overlapping directions to add unique character and ensure your AQ counters shine at any angle.