Kitchen Installation

AQ Design Tips to Accessorize Your Space


finding your decorAre you looking for design inspiration, but not sure where to start? Alleanza Quartz is here to help you visualize your design by helping find décor you love. Though the use of inspirational accessories, we’ll help you turn your mind’s mood board into a digital/physical one and ultimately into a livable reality!

finding your decor

Do you love to cook or bake? Show off a few sentimental gifts and prized possessions like your favorite cookbooks and artisan dishware spaced across shelving units or in neat placement around your counters. Grow your own herbs or like to have spices handy? Store them in decorative containers and alphabetize for easy access. Use colors that call back to your countertops and cabinets, pulling from veins and fine details as accents. Just remember to choose selectively so as to avoid clutter! 

finding your decor

Want your bathroom to feel like a spa? Fold stacks of towels out for display or roll them up to add curvature and pops of color to your space. Accent beige and gold-veined countertops with warm straw or wicker baskets that double as organized storage. Match oil diffusers, soap dishes, and other elements with your countertop aesthetics for a seamless look and add live plants for a refreshing uplift. If you’re using a hanging mirror, keep in mind its fame to ensure it complements other aspects of the room.

finding your decor

From eclectic pillows and ottomans to vibrant area rugs and curtains, a handful of colorful accessories will happily stand out against more muted seating fabrics, tabletops, and walls to add some tasteful pizazz to your living room. Mix and match furniture and accessories that tie the room together without overpowering its function. Choose items that embody parts of your personal character and help you live the life you want in comfortable style.