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AQ’s Secret for Vintage & Eclectic Enrichment


finding your decorAre you yearning for a home that narrates your own tale and mirrors your distinctive style? With Alleanza Quartz, you can craft a stunning space that is uniquely yours. Today, we’ll unlock the secrets behind using vintage and eclectic pieces, coupled with complementary quartz designs, to create an enriched, harmonious haven.

finding your decor

Every handcrafted item tells an important story. Made with love and care, these detailed masterworks are wonderful ways to help you bring charm, history, and an inviting ambiance to your space. Whether it’s standing over a mantel or sitting on a shelf, you can bring life and attention to any vintage item by placing it centered in front of a book-matched design. Be it a treasured heirloom or part of your sought out collection, a vintage piece that resonates with you will bring out your character within the space. 

finding your decor

Accrue something new every time you travel? It’s ok to be eclectic, without letting things get too hectic! Throw in just a handful of specially selected items that have the flair you love and which will add pops of color against more muted backgrounds. Order free samples of any AQ design to see which will set the perfect scene for your eclectic items. If you really can’t part with your eclectic collection, set up a quartz feature wall or shelving units that will tastefully accent it and provide for easy cleaning. 

finding your decor

Although most popular in boho chic, farmhouse, rustic, and mid-century modern designs, you can use vintage and eclectic elements with any style. Perhaps you inherited a 1700s sailing compass that will guide you in your nautical cottage beach house design or maybe you scored a French floral area rug at the local flee market that will add vibrance to your classic living room… In a world of limitless possibilities, AQ has all the style options you need to connect native and foreign or past and present design themes for an inspiring custom space that will last a lifetime