Kitchen Installation

Pairing Complementary Quartz Designs for an Exclusive Effect


finding your decorStruggling to add a little more glam to your space? We have all the design tips you need to effortlessly mix, match, and find the perfectly paired AQ designs you need to elevate your space from humdrum home to exclusive abode. Below are a few ways you can fuse two complementary AQ designs together to achieve a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

finding your decor

If you’ve heard of two-tone cabinets, you may have heard of two-tone countertops. Most often done in kitchens, two-tone countertops serve to inspire. While the perimeter countertops can still remain prominent, using a different design on the island adds an oasis of interest and definition. Pair a veined quartz with a similarly colored speckled/solid design or completely contrast dark and bold with light and subdued. Have an organically shaped island? Another reason to let its unique character shine!  

finding your decor

If you’re looking to continue quartz up the wall, but still desire distinction between horizontal and vertical surfaces, there’s a bunch of ways to coordinate a charming countertop-backsplash combo. If you select a veined design one, accent its vein color as solid or speckled in the other. This allows for the varied-texture look you’d find with other backsplashes. Need help deciding? Order free samples of any AQ design to help you find the most complementary coupling for your space.

finding your decor

Many rooms serve dual purposes, so different countertop designs can help here too. Break things up and entirely avoid room function fights with independent, yet harmonious surfaces. Separate food prep areas from workstations and wet bars from shelving spaces with different colors or patterns. In order to add distinction without entirely erasing the rooms cohesion, make sure all areas stay within the same style type or choose similar, connecting theme elements.