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Using Quartz to Rehabilitate Your Medical Facility


Medical Facility Collage
Hospitals and clinics can be nerve-racking places for patients, visitors, and even staff, but a few simple design tricks can help put everyone more at ease. From a clean, crisp look to high hygienic standards, Alleanza Quartz is ready to rehabilitate any-sized medical facility with the same level of care your staff shows their patients.

Medical FacilityWAITING AREA

Some patients may be seen right on time, but other appointments may get backed up for several hours. Keep guests calm with the sound of water from a waterfall or fish tank and waved, veined designs from AQ’s Monarch Collection to continue the same tranquil feel. In addition to providing patients and visitors with magazines, you can keep them occupied admiring the beauty and intricacy of a book-matched design. This symmetry in the room will further balance the atmosphere and can subconsciously alleviate a little bit of stress.   

Medical FacilityFRONT DESK

Out of every surface in your facility, the front desk will be touched by the most amount of hands. Although we can’t guarantee all of those hands are clean, we can guarantee all of our surfaces are! Alleanza Quartz’s durable, low maintenance solutions will keep your front desk as germ-free as possible without compromising on style. Each AQ slab is certified by NSF and Greenguard Gold for its antibacterial properties and safe standards for healthcare facilities and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) environments.

Medical FacilityPATIENT ROOMS

While AQ’s whitest white quartz works wonders to make things light and bright, AQ also has a selection of warmer options to contrast the sterile feel of an overly white space. If you go with white in the counters, make sure to add color in wall paints, artwork, flooring, curtains, or cabinets to tone things down. Raw woods and earthy textures in each patient room will also add some natural comfort to the space. 

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