Mall Installation

Converting Mall Properties into Shopping Centers of Attraction


Shopping Mall Collage
Working on a massive mall remodel? Taking on a brand-new mall construction project? With competition on the rise, Alleanza Quartz is ready to help shopping malls across the east coast stand out from the crowd. AQ has the style you need within budget to turn your mall property into a well-known shopping center of attraction.


Whether you’re looking to create very distinctive areas or provide a smooth, cohesive feel throughout your mall, AQ has a wide variety of complementary and contrasting designs to fit every need. Order free samples and color-match paints to your content to see which AQ design will bring your vision to life. From the inner entryways, sitting areas, food court, and bathrooms, to the stairwells, escalators, and elevators, AQ will upgrade your mall from monotonous outlets to unique, lively tourist attraction. 


Aiming for marble-like luxury without extensive upkeep? Get the fashionable looks you want without compromising on quality and without overworking the cleaning crews. From tables, benches, and walls to countertops and backsplashes, Alleanza Quartz is just as easy to clean as it is beautiful. All AQ products are antibacterial to keep surfaces of any application safe for large influxes of people and extremely durable to endure the impact of millions of shopping sprees.


Once your mall is up and running, you’ll want to ensure the hype stays steady for generations. Attract new interest and keep regulars returning with timeless style choices that are sure to stick around for centuries. From classic marble designs and warm neutrals to chic, urban greys, AQ offers a mixture of patterns and colors that will never fade and blend well with the latest trends. Each AQ design also comes with an industry-leading lifetime warranty. to keep your mall bustling with business for years. 

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