Airport Installation

Elevating Airport Style to New Heights


airport collage
Attention architects, designers, fabricators, and contractors: Alleanza Quartz is now boarding flight STYLE 101. Whether you’re renovating one domestic terminal or building an entire international airport from the ground up, AQ has a wide selection of elegant designs that will allow your project to take flight.


Airports are landmarks that welcome locals home and greet newcomers with their very first impression of a town, state, or country. Give your airport an authentic vibe with elements that embody the area’s claim to fame from luggage check all the way to baggage claim. Mix regional patterns, fabrics, and photos with complementary quartz surfaces. From coastal or boho chic to contemporary and modern, bring any style type to life with specially selected AQ designs color-matched to paints by Benjamin Moore.


There’s a lot of foot traffic throughout the entire airport, so each section requires special attention to detail. Give the concourse an open, airy feel with soft, light designs from AQ’s Cashmere Collection. Create sleek security checks with antimicrobial, environmentally friendly quartz surfaces. Fashion AQ designs in traditional or waterfall format to multi-level desks and counters at car rental, shuttle, and service stations to separate pamphlets from transaction materials. 


After getting through security, some travelers may be waiting a while. Don’t just let them stare at the runway for hours! Apply veined Monarch Collection designs to tables and walls in cafés, lounges, and gate seating areas to promote a flowing feel of comfort. Calm high-volume shopping spaces by applying dark, earthy tones from the Manhattan Collection. In the restrooms, staff will love easy-to-clean quartz countertops and backsplashes, while travelers will appreciate the shorter cleaning wait times (and shorter bathroom lines) they enable.

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