Spa Installation

Soothing Spa Designs to Put Your Mind at Ease


spa collage
Your spa is dedicated to providing customers with a beautiful repose, so they can feel relieved, catch their breath, and re-energize. But does it actually look the way it sounds in advertisements? It’s time to rejuvenate your spa into the ultimate retreat that provides guests with a magnificent tranquility they never dreamed they could experience.

Monarch_Bianco_Venatino_Spa_boho_chicPROMOTING THE BALANCE OF NATURE

Greet guests with an intrinsically pleasing atmosphere from the moment they enter your spa. Pair marble-inspired designs in the waiting area with warm woods, mixed textures, and live plants that make guests feel as if they’ve entered a lush, remote forest ripe for meditation. Apply book-matched slabs to any feature wall to symbolize and bring forth the symmetry and balance of nature. Match naturally complementary paint colors to your design to further promote its peaceful flow.

Monarch_Calactta_Bello_Spa_boho_chicSTYLE TO MASSAGE THE MIND

Relaxation is the key to a clear mind, healing, spiritual wellness, and optimal productivity. The gently flowing veined designs of Alleanza Quartz’s Monarch Collection will give guests a delightful atmosphere that’s just as soothing as the massages they’re receiving. Neutral color tones and patterns from the Cashmere Collection will provide each room with light and natural levity that easily blends with cleansing sea salts, essential oils, crystals, and other natural spa elements.  


Manicures, pedicures, and other treatments require clean areas and surfaces in order to put guests’ and staff members’ minds at ease. Bring detox to a new level with antibacterial quartz surfaces that are NSF and Greenguard Gold certified for high health and safety standards. From cucumbers and sugar scrubs to charcoal-based facials, you’re bound to spill something on the counters at some point. Wipe low-maintenance AQ counters clean with a quick application of soft soap and water.

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