Designer Insight: Contrasting Quartz Designs Give Spaces the Dramatic Effect They Need


Choosing materials with the right designs, colors, textures, endurance, and other physical properties is key to making a designer’s clients content. “I am with you from the conceptualization stage all the way to the final finished product…” said Jordan Thomes of IVO Cabinets & Surfaces and 3rd place winner of the Alleanza Quartz 2020 Design Competition. In this video, Jordan gives us a glimpse into the mind of a designer and takes us through what customers seek, spiking trends, and more that help her throughout her journey in the design decision-making process.


Jordan explained that her customers “…really like the idea of having something that looks natural and looks like it’s a marble without having to worry about the maintenance.” AQ achieves this with a mixed selection of wide-veined and pencil-veined designs that each provide a unique marble look. If you’re not sure which one will work best, Alleanza Quartz has innovative tools to help designers and homeowners find the perfect match for any space including a Find Your Style guide for inspiration and AQ Visualizer to help get a three-dimensional feel for the space and see how different colors and patterns play off one another. Designers and homeowners can also pick up samples on-site or order samples online.

Seeing a mild uptick in requests for dark veining with a white background and white veining with a dark background, Jordan implements those contrasting color patterns by turning to designs like Statuary Vena / AQ9917, Calacatta Supreme / AQ217, and Grey Soapstone / AQ9930. Each gives customers the slightly dramatic effect they seek by adding deeper interest and lively character to any space.

Above Image: Statuary Vena / AQ9917

Above Image: Calacatta Supreme / AQ217


“I’m very big on customer service…” said Jordan, “I would much rather recommend a brand to my customer that I know if they have an issue or if I have an issue, it will be easy to take care of and easy to get ahold of someone rather than having to jump through hoops…” AQ’s dedicated sales team is always ready to answer questions in-person, over the phone, or via email. Should a customer experience any hiccups, AQ’s in-house service technicians are well-trained to resolve problems on the spot (and remove tricky stain spots completely).

With an increasing demand for long-lasting products, customers appreciate the fact that not only is quartz a very low-maintenance material, but also that Alleanza Quartz pushes its limits to their full potential, offering customers a lifetime warranty with each slab they purchase. “Quartz is maintenance-free and customers really love to hear that it’s not something they’ll have to worry about down the road…” said Jordan.

And back down the design road we go! Have an upcoming project you’d like to start? Browse through tons of designs and order samples online here.

Above Image: Amalfi Coast / AQT5R1 (top right) and Calacatta One / AQ01 (bottom left)