The Whitest White Countertop: Thassos Extra Quartz


A bright, white kitchen is on the wish list of many homeowners. For the cleanest, whitest countertops to fit this look, many designers turned to Thassos Marble. – until now. Introducing Thassos Extra Quartz: the quartz that goes the extra mile for that all-white aesthetic.

You can now have an all-white countertop with the benefits of quartz, which means greater durability and purity. It won’t appear dull, gray, or creamy yellow. Thassos Extra Quartz is the perfect bright white countertop.


When considering an all-white countertop, your biggest concerns might be, “What if I spill a drink and stain it? What if my kids see it as a canvas for their crayon art?” If you’re going for an all-white look, you don’t want a spill to ruin your countertops. And in the kitchen, spills happen. The benefit of quartz is that it will not stain, even if it’s pure white. Red wine – drink up! Kids – do your best! Usually, a soft cloth and some soapy water will do the trick on any spill or mark you can throw at it.

Quartz is known for its durability, so much so that Alleanza Quartz comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can be assured your pure white countertops will stay that way – for life.

If being sustainable is also important to you, you’ve come to the right place. Quartz is also more eco-friendly in that it comes from the earth and is an abundant resource. Its durability gives it longevity and less need for replacement and it’s also recyclable. The nonporous nature of quartz not only makes it stain resistant, but also antibacterial, which is important when dealing with food in the kitchen area and in this age of heightened awareness of germs from the pandemic.


There are many interior design uses for a pure white countertop in the kitchen or bathroom. It’s a clean, smooth addition to a modern, minimalist, all-white setting. It can provide a nice contrast for the warmth of wood cabinets in a mid-century modern look or add balance to a bold, colorful, eclectic design.

Thassos Extra Quartz countertops are high quality, so they’ll easily stand the test of time even if you completely change your design plan, such as boho chic to rustic or traditional to modern. All-white will go with pretty much any style and any color you choose.

Suppose you’re diving deep into color meaning in your design. In that case, white represents innocence and purity, like how a bride traditionally wears white, and it can promote feelings of calmness and joy. What more could you want in your kitchen or bathroom?

White also reflects light more than any other color and will make your space appear brighter and larger – and everybody wants their kitchen and bathroom to feel larger. The light, bright look of Thassos Extra Quartz will give any space a clean, crisp, and open feeling.


Thassos Extra is the perfect countertop to incorporate into a multitude of designs for kitchens and bathrooms – from contemporary to eclectic. Still not sure? Use our AQ Visualizer to see for yourself how it will look in different settings and stylings.


All-white kitchens are classic. Making countertops and backsplashes a clean, pure white can work well with contrasting-colored cabinets or even all-white cabinets for the most pristine look of them all.


Thassos Extra is that pure white countertop you’ve been dreaming of with the durability and sustainability of quartz. So let’s get ready to start that design project! Contact us for a consultation or quote.