Top 10 Bathroom Countertops & Designs



Everyone spends a considerable amount of time in the bathroom, so it’s important to consider your bathroom countertops carefully! They’re an easy way to add more style and sophistication to even the smallest space. With so many options to pick from, it’s easy to create a distinct look that boosts your bathroom’s style. When you need a stylish yet durable stone, you should consider quartz for your countertops. Quartz is a great way to add accents and luxury to your bathroom, offering different colors and patterns. So, here are our 10 top ideas to help you design the perfect bathroom surface.

1. Go for Contemporary Counters
Many popular bathroom designs today focus on bringing a contemporary edge to your space. Choose a plain white, polished quartz countertop, and it’ll add to the sleek, modern look. Light colors are especially effective in small bathrooms. It creates the illusion of openness and gives a brighter appearance.

2. Opt for the Rustic Look
The rustic look has made a return to interior design in recent years. Vintage and upcycled pieces are incredibly popular, even in bathrooms. If you’re thinking of opting for a retro vanity, patterned quartz is the perfect countertop combo. Choose a stone in an earthy shade or with natural vein
patterns to create the best effect.

3. Go for the Contrast
Would you prefer to create a dramatic statement in your bathroom? Then using contrasting colors is the answer. A black quartz countertop paired with a white vanity is a perfect choice. There’s no better way to add personality and flair along with sophisticated luxury than by harnessing the power of contrasts.

4. Keeping It Cool
Whether you’re renovating your powder room or master bathroom, cool shades are ideal for a sophisticated countertop. Gray quartz is an ideal choice for any bathroom area, complementing all styles of vanity perfectly. Whether you opt for a solid color, veined or flecked quartz, it’s sure to work well with your décor.

5. Maximize the Benefit of Your His and Hers Vanity
Creating separate sinks is one option, but why not consider creating some additional suspended or floating counter space between them. Adding an extra countertop between your his-and-her sinks gives you lots more surface space. You can also make use of the space below it to add drawers or a
laundry basket. Since quartz doesn’t crack or chip and is resistant to stains, it’s the ideal material for your additional countertops.

6. Install An Elevated Sink
Any bathroom vanity can become a statement piece if you install an elevated sink. With sleek edges, it brings a contemporary feel to any bathroom. It’s also a brilliant choice for small spaces that lack extra room for more exciting features. When you’re choosing a bold, unusual sink, you should pair it
with a quartz countertop in a natural shade. Something subtle, such as Tuscan Beige quartz or Citta Beige, would be the ideal contrast.

7. Go Natural
Why not make a feature of your walls by opting for a neutral shade of quartz for your countertops? A beige or cream surface will make a brightly colored tiled wall pop.

8. Timeless Elegance
Capture the timeless look for your bathroom and bring a real touch of elegance to your space. Try pairing marble-veined quartz with gray-painted cabinets. It’s the perfect way to create a high-end hotel look at home.

9. Be Bold
Pair matte black cabinets with dramatically veined Calacatta quartz countertops to make a bold and
dramatic statement in your bathroom.

10. Add A Quartz Backsplash
Quartz is a perfect choice for your bathroom countertops, but it also works well as a backsplash, making a bold statement and creating a streamlined, continuous look with maintenance-free benefits in your space. With these 10 bathroom countertops ideas, you’re sure to have all the inspiration you need to create a beautiful space!