Clean and Simplified Alleanza Quartz Laundry Room Designs


A laundry room can be quick to clutter, so its functionality is always top priority. However, there are several simple ways to iron out your design in the style of your liking while keeping it in cycle with the needs of your lifestyle.


A full-sized laundry room allows for complete cabinetry, a wash sink, and plenty of folding and hanging space. While you’re in there spritzing and scrubbing away at clothing stains, the last thing you want to worry about is your countertops. Alleanza Quartz serves as the perfect prep material, giving you a clean, low-maintenance, and stain-resistant cleaning and folding surface to work on.


When you want to stop dirt in its tracks, a mud-laundry room combo does the trick. Keep this high-traffic area decluttered by using a stacked washer-dryer unit and add hooks along the wall to hang coats and bags upon entry. Take a seat on a non-porous, easy-to-clean Alleanza Quartz bench to remove muddy shoes and socks, then conveniently throw them right in the wash.


When space is running low, a laundry closet is the perfect solution. Neatly tucked away behind a pair of folding doors, your guests will pass by thinking it’s just an ordinary closet. This hides the mess out of site while still providing ample room for storage and clothes. Using an Alleanza Quartz floor with a drain and elevated lip around the perimeter of your machines prevents water damage in the chance event of an overflow.

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