Creative Ways to Make A Statement, Featuring Kitchen Islands with Seating



A kitchen island with seating is now an essential kitchen feature. As more interior designs include bigger kitchens and open-plan interiors, kitchen islands are becoming incredibly popular thanks to their versatility. There’s a host of options available, from slim and long to round and neat. This means it’s possible to create a wealth of different effects by adding an island to your home. With this in mind, here are seven creative ways to make a statement with this versatile addition.

1. Choose A Unique Shape
The traditional kitchen island may be rectangular, but why not try something different? A circular or curving island isn’t just unique but also very stylish. It’s also a great way to fit your island neatly into your available space.

2. Try Zoning
If you opt for a long kitchen island, choosing different materials for different parts of its surface can create zones. You could use one area for preparing food. Another area could be the eating zone. Perhaps another could be a chill-out area for the family. By opting for different colored or textured countertops, it’s easy to create this zoned effect.

3. Place Your cooktop at the Center of Your Room
Why not consider placing your cooktop on the island? This will make it a central focal point. It also allows the person who is cooking to face toward other people in the room. This makes it a sociable and clever design feature. Even better, it gives you more space in which to prepare food.

4. Incorporate Smart Designs
Your kitchen can work harder for you if you incorporate smart designs into your island. Add hidden charging points and power sockets to this space to turn it into a tech hub. Integrate Bluetooth speakers or a smart speaker, too, and you’ll enjoy even more functionality.

5. Add A Display
It’s the finishing touches that give your kitchen character and flair. Use your kitchen island to achieve this by adding open shelving that showcases your unique collections. Show off your glassware, ceramics, or cookery books in style.

6. Be Creative
Use your kitchen island to add some color to your kitchen environment. If you opt for a quartz countertop, you can turn your island into an eye-catching centerpiece. Quartz comes in a range of colors, patterns, and textures. Why not opt for a veined marble-look countertop? Or how about a countertop with textured striations or an unusual iron fleck? It’s a great way to make your kitchen a focal point of your home.

7. Lighting Your Island
Don’t forget about lighting, as this is a key element of kitchen island design. Pendant lighting is a great choice, with odd numbers of pendants hanging at different heights, it can create an eclectic and visually appealing option. Consider lighting different areas of your island for different purposes.
You may want an area with brighter task lighting for food preparation but warmer, atmospheric lighting for your seating area. With these top seven tips, your kitchen island with seating is sure to be a stylish feature of your home.