Black Quartz Countertop Designs, Benefits & Types




Black quartz countertops have been an enduring trend in interior design for some time. It’s easy to see why. Their elegant, luxurious, and sophisticated appearance makes them a perfect choice. While kitchen trends have come and gone over the years, black countertops have returned time and again thanks to the bold statement they can make in any room. While black countertops in any material are popular, quartz has long been a top choice. This is because of the wealth of benefits they bring. Are you wondering why they’re such a good option? Then read on and learn more.

The Benefits of Quartz Countertops
Quartz countertops are popular for several reasons. Not only are they durable, but they’re also stain-resistant and low maintenance. This makes them ideal for anyone who lives a busy lifestyle. Even better, they’re also surprisingly affordable, which makes them perfect for anyone looking for style on a budget. Our quartz countertops also come with a lifetime guarantee. That means you can have complete peace of mind that you’ve made a great investment in your kitchen’s future.

Why Choose Black Quartz?
Now you know why quartz countertops are so popular. But why choose black quartz? It may sound like black quartz is a rather dull option for your countertops. Yet, this is far from true. In fact, there are many diverse varieties of black quartz available for your kitchen surfaces. Whether
you’re looking for something veined, something textured, or something smooth, you’re in luck. There are so many options beyond a standard black quartz countertop, each as unique and beautiful as the other. You can give your home some character and flair through your individual choice of which black quartz fits with your style. Imagine your kitchen with a stunning and dramatic appearance, all with maintenance-free, long-term functionality and durability of quartz.

Which Types of Black Quartz Are Best?
When it comes to choosing the best type of black quartz for your kitchen surfaces, it’s down to personal taste. Yet, there are three options we believe are ideal for creating a stunning look. Tuscan Black quartz is one of our favorites. Its dark charcoal surface features powdery striations that
run diagonally down the surface. With its textured design, it’s a perfect contrast to light-colored cabinets.

Another great choice is Black Soapstone. Perfectly blending classic veining with dark hues, it features a white pattern on a black background. Captivating and bold, it’s the perfect option for a chic, sophisticated, modern kitchen. Our final top pick is Ferro Quartz. Featuring a beautiful iron fleck across a black background, it’s the ideal companion to rich and natural warm wood cabinets. It’ll add a sophisticated touch to either traditional or contemporary kitchen décor.

Now you know why to choose black quartz countertops. Your next step is to select your favorite. Discover our collections and pick the best one for your home.