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Looking for Calacatta Marble Countertops? Try Calacatta Quartz



Calacatta quartz is a highly recognizable material that’s perfect for stylish countertops. Boasting a charming white background, it features veining in a range of shades from gray to gold. In fact, this type of quartz looks like Calacatta marble. This is a famous natural type of stone that features
extremely bold veining. While Calacatta marble is beautiful, it can be difficult to care for and is not very durable. The quartz stone, on the other hand, is sturdy and robust. Our Calacatta quartz designs are often preferred, offering the marble’s beauty alongside excellent durability. If you’re considering this type of quartz for your home’s countertops, here are some details you should know. Here’s our top 10 list of interesting Calacatta quartz facts.

1. It’s A Manufactured Stone
The composition of this type of quartz is 7 percent pigments and resin and 93 percent natural quartz. This creates the luxurious appearance of natural stones, such as marble. Some say it’s like getting the absolute best design and shading of Calacatta marble, every single time.

2. It’s Highly Recognizable
It’s very easy to spot Calacatta stone because of its bright white background and thick veining. The veining can vary in color from gold to gray.

3. It’s Extremely Luxurious
Public institutions often use Calacatta stone because of its beautiful aesthetic qualities. Its color allows the surface to seamlessly blend with any other interior décor colors. Nevertheless, because of its thick veining, it also creates a dramatic statement.

4. It’s Suitable for Many Purposes
This type of quartz is suitable for use in virtually any indoor setting. Ideal for countertops, wall cladding, or even flooring, it’s an extremely versatile choice.

5. It’s Very Durable
Wherever you decide to use this type of quartz, you can be sure it’ll be sturdy and durable. It’s capable of handling high-impact forces and pressure without cracking or breaking.

6. It’s Low Maintenance
It couldn’t be easier to care for this type of quartz. All you must do is use water and soap to clean it.
Even better, unlike a lot of similar stones, it requires no sealing.

7. A Warranty Protects It
AQ’s lifetime warranty protects your beautiful quartz. But be aware, not all manufacturers have a lifetime warranty, so this is something to consider when making a choice. With Alleanza Quartz, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that your stone will look beautiful for many years to come.

8. It Resists Staining
Thanks to quartz’s nonporous surface, it is extremely stain resistant. Even troublesome liquids, such as wine and coffee, won’t damage its appearance.

9. It’s Resistant to Scratching
Quartz is extremely resistant to scratching. We always recommend a cutting board to protect your investment in countertops, however, the scratch resistant nature of quartz means you could even cut on its surface directly without causing the kind of damage that would occur with softer materials like marble.

10. It’s Affordable
Despite its luxurious appearance, it’s surprisingly affordable. It’s certainly much cheaper than Calacatta marble. With its beautiful, good looks and long-lasting properties, quartz is an excellent investment.

Invest in Your Home
Are you looking for an effective way to bring elegance and luxury into your home at an affordable price? Then Calacatta quartz is the perfect choice for you, giving you all the beauty of real marble with long-lasting appeal.