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Quartz vs. Granite – Which Is Best for Your Kitchen?



Quartz vs. Granite – Which Is Best for Your Kitchen?
Deciding on a kitchen countertop can be difficult, but often it comes down to quartz vs. granite. Here, we take a closer look at both materials to help you make a well-informed purchasing decision. It’s very important to choose the right worktop material when planning a kitchen. Your countertops are a major long-term investment. Therefore, doing thorough research is vital. It can be difficult to choose between granite and quartz countertops. This is especially the case as it may seem as if there are few differences between them. Both look like natural stone, and both have a similar appearance. Yet, they both have their own unique compositions.

What Should I Know about Granite and Quartz Countertops?
A granite countertop is especially appealing because it is natural stone directly from the earth. The mining company then cuts it into slabs and polishes it. This gives it its shiny, smooth appearance. However, as granite is naturally occurring, every slab is different with a slightly different pattern.
A quartz countertop is made of up to 93% quartz crystals artfully combined with color pigments and resins to create a perfect design look every time. Quartz is very hard, and this makes it extremely durable. Also, while the colors and patterns may be man-made, they’re easier to match to your kitchen’s design scheme, and create seamless effects across large kitchens.

Comparing Appearances
Granite is eye-catching and luxurious-looking. It adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. It also comes in a variety of earthy tones that blend perfectly with many interior design schemes. A granite slab will have imperfections, though. This means you could struggle to find a slab that matches your
décor completely. With quartz, you will have a wealth of patterns and colors to pick from, and can count on those finishes being consistent from sample to slab.

Comparing Durability
Both granite and quartz have good durability. Granite is a very hard stone and won’t scratch easily. However, quartz is extremely durable too. It also offers the added benefit of not chipping or cracking easily. When you buy from us, you’ll also benefit from a lifetime guarantee on your AQ countertop.
Resistance to Heat and Stains Granite doesn’t absorb liquid, so stains won’t be an issue. It will require sealing, though, to stop liquid from seeping in. Quartz offers a lower maintenance option since it requires no sealing and it’s very resistant to stains. Both granite and quartz are extremely heat-resistant, however, we always recommend hotplates or cooking boards to protect your countertop investment.

Granite countertops are available at a range of price points. But if you choose a cheaper option, it may lack quality, so watch for cracks or fissures. Quartz is also very affordable while offering virtually all the benefits of granite. This makes it a great value choice for anyone seeking a combination of longevity, style, and affordability.

Making Your Decision
Now that you know more about quartz vs. granite, you’re probably ready to make a well-informed purchasing decision. If you’re looking for beautiful countertops with excellent durability, a lifetime warranty and an affordable price tag, quartz could be right for you.