Bathroom Installation

Shower in Blissful Serenity with Alleanza Quartz


For some, the only reprieve from the day’s chaos is a nice, long shower. Since this space effects your Zen just as much as your personal hygiene, why not make it the way you like it? Here are a few ways you can shower in blissful serenity with any AQ pattern of your choice.


Since shower walls encase your space, they’ll set the overall mood as soon as you walk in. If you simply want a subtle sprinkle of interest, use a tranquil, homogenous pattern from our Cashmere Collection or Manhattan Collection. For a splashier statement, try a veined design from our Monarch Collection that will add movement that mimics the running water. You can also bookmatch two or four slabs to emphasize balance.

Calacatta Supreme ShowerSHOWER SEAT

Sit, lean, stretch – a shower seat is super convenient for a handful of reasons and takes the load off when you need to recover from physical injury or mental stress. You can add a block in the middle, a triangular shelf seat in one of the corners, or a full bench. Take the design as far as you want – you can even use the same AQ design for the walls and bench to make the bench look like a fluid extension of the wall.

Bianco Lasa ShowerRECESSED NICHE

Finding the perfect shower niche doesn’t have to be difficult. Consider the quantity and types of items you and your family members use and size the niche accordingly. Recessing it into the wall makes cleaning simple and allows for a showcased backsplash area. This backsplash can match the AQ design of another part of your shower to further complement the overall look or it can have its own design to serve as an accent.

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