The AQ Ingredient to Flavorful Quartz Design


Restaurants Collage

Alleanza Quartz invites you to be our guest and put our countertops to the test! Whether you’re opening up a hip, new restaurant or rescuing a historical tavern from ruin, our diverse assortment of quartz options will give any bar or dining establishment the irresistible design flavor it needs to succeed.


From formal dining venues, upscale catering halls, and ornate tea rooms to ethnic eats, continental buffets, and fast food hotspots, AQ has a little something for every taste. Mix and match colors, patterns, and textures with our Find Your Style tool for a 3-D sampling of possibilities. No matter what type of look or function you hunger for, AQ serves up everything from warm, veined marble patterns and nuanced neutrals to cool, thirst-quenching statement pieces. 


Season your bakery, deli, or ice cream parlor with sleek waterfall edges that shine like creamy delights. Let your grill, cafe, or diner exceed the expectations of any food critic with a custom waterjet masterpiece that lives up to today’s specials. Add a book-matched fireplace, feature wall, or host station for immediate allure. From the kitchen and food prep stations to the seating, bar, and waiting areas, creating a visually pleasing atmosphere is just as important as the presentation of your cuisine and refreshments. 

calacatta primoSAVORY SIMPLICITY

As your design attracts more and more customers, your countertops will need to be cleaned more frequently. Our low-maintenance quartz solutions will give your staff a break with easy-to-clean, antibacterial properties that will even help prevent the spread of germs between customers. Although other surface companies provide little to no table service, AQ will treat you to a lifetime warranty and keep your hard-earned business running as long as you can keep the food and drinks coming.

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