Day Care Installation

Child-Friendly Quartz Surfaces


Daycare Collage

Day care centers and preschools are often the first extended time a child spends away from their home and loved ones. Alleanza Quartz is here to ensure that adjustment phase is a fun, clean, and healthy experience while also providing style and organizational sanity for their teachers and caretakers.

Monarch_Neve_Supreme_Traditional_DaycareSTYLISH & PRACTICAL

Organized storage for backpacks, coats, books, toys, and other items is essential for any toddler day care. Near the entryway, a quartz-topped bench with cubbies underneath will provide each child a place for their personal belongings while also giving them a spot to rest while tying/untying shoes and waiting to be picked up at the end of the day. AQ’s three design collections are filled with smooth patterns and bright colors that will give the space a warm, open, and cheery feel.

Monarch_Statuary_Vena_Daycare_Traditional_LifestyleFOOD & CRAFT TABLES

Food and craft areas can get messy quick! With Alleanza Quartz, both adults and kids can clean up spilled juice, crayon marks, paint splotches, and more with the swipe of a soft cloth. Simply dip it in warm water, add a few drops of non-abrasive soap, wipe, and see accidents disappear as simply a child’s magic trick. This low-maintenance solution is antibacterial and certified by NSF and Greenguard Gold, making it safe for young hands. It’s even kosher certified to accommodate a wider range of diets.

daycare centerSHARING IS CARING

While children are playing, learning, and getting creative, you should be having fun right along with them. We want that fun to last as long as possible, which is why we ensure each product’s durability with a lifetime warranty. So begin finger painting, string together those popcorn necklaces, roll out the playdough, and pass around the bite-sized snacks with a whole lot less germ sharing. 

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