Hotel Installation

AQ Turns Any Hotel Stay into a Getaway



With the hospitality industry taking a huge hit from Covid-19, demand for more business is higher than ever. Now’s the time to show customers how your hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, or resort will turn their stay into an unforgettable getaway. Alleanza Quartz will help you wow your guests with a diverse selection of beautiful, clean, and affordable renovation solutions.

Monarch_Calacatta_One_hotel_rustic_lifestyle_1000X750LOBBY & HALLS

You can captivate guests right away with a luxurious lobby. From the reception desk and waiting area to shelves and decorative art pieces, AQ designs will take your space to a higher-level design destination. Guests strolling through the halls will love quartz side tables where they can rest items while in line for the elevator, while they wait for others in their group, or as they browse your brochures. Do you offer an eating area, bar, or sit-down restaurant? Every AQ product is antibacterial, making it perfect for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, guest tables, and more. Our AQ Visualizer will give you a 3D idea of how AQ will look in various configurations and at multiple angles.

Monarch_Calacatta_One_hotel_modern_1000x750GUEST ROOMS

Even short stays can make long-lasting impressions. Keep guests coming back more often and longer with stylish rooms that offer as many conveniences to them as they do to you. Veined designs from our Monarch Collection draw interest with contrasting colors, marble-style patterns, and a diverse group of book-matched options. Use them on headboards, desks, matching nightstands, or electric fireplaces for sleek accents that keep guests feeling clean and cared for. In the bathroom, soothing movement from our Cashmere Collection will generously contribute to creating a relaxing oasis from the vanity to the tub.

Monarch_Dolomiti_Extra_conference_room_contemporary_lifestyle_1000X750REC SPACES

There are so many different kinds of amenities you can offer your guests and tons of ways AQ can make those offers more desirable. From indoor pools and spas to gyms, arcades, and rentable conference rooms, even one recreational space can make a world of difference – and perhaps add on a star to your rating. No matter which one you go with or what style you select, AQ will flexibly fit right in and enhance your design. Find Your Style to see how AQ can help you along your way to higher level hospitality. 

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