Fitness Center Installation

Exercising Quartz to Strengthen Gym Design



You live for exercise, nutrition, and pushing your body to its limits. This motivation drove you to start a gym, aquatic center, or yoga studio where you can share these passions. Every day you inspire others to reach their goals and become the best version of themselves, so shouldn’t your fitness center be in equally great shape? AQ is here to make your space as physically fit as you train your members to be.

Monarch_Calacatta_Oro_mid_century_lifestyle_1000x750A NEW BEGINNING

Anyone trying to improve their health, build muscle, or gain stamina has to start somewhere. For many, that place is the reception desk of their local fitness center. Keep yours alive and fresh with a stylish design from any of our 3 collections. Organize membership cards, computers, towels, keys, and other supplies with a double-layer countertop and built-in or wall-mounted quartz shelving. Like the lifelong commitment your members make to their fitness, AQ gives you steadfast dedication with a fully supportive lifetime warranty.

Cashmere_Naples_fitness_center_contemporary_1000x750SANITARY BATHROOMS

Locker rooms and restrooms can be hard to maintain, but all Alleanza Quartz products can be sanitized with ease. Certified by NSF and Greenguard Gold thanks to its antibacterial properties, AQ helps prevent the spread of germs in any application. Though staff personnel and members will track in grime, sweat, and coughs, you can rest assured any AQ shower stalls, benches, and bathroom vanities can be disinfected with simple, non-abrasive soap and water. This will reduce the excess cost and unpleasant smell of harsh chemicals like bleach.

Monarch_Bianco_Lasa_bar_mid_century_1000x750SNACK & JUICE BAR

After a long workout, it’s important to replenish electrolytes and renourish the body, but with food and drink comes the occasional spill. AQ is the perfect countertop option for snack and juice bars, providing staff personnel with an easy clean-up no matter what type of smoothies they make or how much they splatter. With a healthy selection of designs to choose from, AQ is sure to give this area the flavor it needs. You can even use matching quartz on small snack tables nearby. Order samples today for free to see which one will best strengthen the design of your fitness center.

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