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Your office’s design plays an important role in customers’ first impressions. When they walk in, they’ll judge whether it’s clean, orderly, up-to-date, and ultimately whether it’s trustworthy of their needs. Businesses are always looking for new innovative solutions to deliver customer satisfaction and Alleanza Quartz is here to provide them!

Monarch_Calacatta_Oro_office_coastalALL-ENCOMPASSING SOLUTIONS

The entryway and reception area are often the first places customers see. This is your big chance to reel them in with all the positive things your business has to offer. Alleanza Quartz can greet customers with bold, eye-catching designs from our Monarch Collection that embody your company motto and vibe. Classic designs from our Cashmere Collection and Manhattan Collection can highlight and frame your backlit company logo. They can even be used for accents in items like tables and benches that complement other parts of the room and invite customers to relax.

Monarch_Bianco_Lasa_office_contemporaryOUT OF THE BOX SOLUTIONS

Not every answer has to come in the shape of a traditional package. If you have a large office with a constant influx of customers at the reception area, a curved quartz desk can help keep foot traffic flowing in the proper direction. It provides employees with an organized work space and more room to maneuver, so they can help customers faster and more efficiently. The curved desk also serves as a strong focal point, working well with mostly any type of design style.


Some reception areas serve dual purposes: check-in and billing, doctor A and doctor B, drop off and pick up… No matter the setup, your surfaces can help give both spaces individual definition using a shared design aesthetic. Tie the space together with an AQ design that will add cleanliness and timeless style to the room as a whole. Using two or more countertop layers on one side gives room to display décor, brochures, or anything else that indicates its function. Distinct lighting and signage will also aid in the customers’ perception of the space’s purpose

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