Bedroom Installation

Let AQ Make Your Bedroom Design Dreams Come True


You go to sleep each night dreaming about the way you wish your bedroom looked. What if you could wake up to that delightful space and live in it every day? AQ is here to help make all your bedroom design dreams come true.


There’s nothing more soothing than to fall asleep in complete comfort in front of a warm, crackling fire. You can frame the flames of any electric fireplace with Alleanza Quartz. Let one of our veined designs continue the movement of dancing light and bring distinguished definition to your space or choose a design from our Cashmere Collection for a calm touch of class. Feel free to place a matching piece of quartz on the wall behind your bed to give more height to your headboard.


A custom AQ nightstand is the perfect way to tie colors and textures in your bedroom together and balance out your unique style. AQ is low-maintenance and backed by a lifetime warranty, so no matter how many cups of beside tea you spill, no matter how many times you knock over your lamp reaching blindly to shut off your alarm clock, you can rest in bed assured that your AQ surfaces are scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. Wipe away dirt and liquid messes with ease using mild soap and water.


Match your AQ nightstands to any dresser or vanity desk for a complete bedroom set. AQ surfaces easily resist sticking, discoloration, and unwanted smells from non-abrasive makeup, hair products, perfumes, and colognes. They’re also antibacterial, so you can sleep soundly without germs or odors haunting your dreams. Order samples today to see which design will blanket your bedroom in beauty

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