Post Pandemic: A Design and Purpose for Every Space


Ever since the pandemic, people have taken more notice of their homes. The purpose, the colors, the themes, the likability – all of this has been brought into the limelight. Homeowners want to know how to make their spaces personalized, organized, long lasting, and multifunctional. We sat down with Senior Designer Kaylor Russell from Kitchen & Bath Galleries of Chapel Hill, NC to find out how she helps customers achieve all that and more through the use of quartz.


Before the pandemic, homeowners spent the majority of their design time sorting out the usage and details of their kitchen and bathrooms. Covid-19 forced them to further examine the rest of their homes. “They want to make the kitchen more functional certainly, but now they’re grabbing these extra spaces, making them into home offices or home gyms or just another space for the rest of the family to gather because they really need to use every nook and cranny in their home.” said Kaylor. Once in a while, that means building an addition or a whole new floor level, but many times it entails redesigning or repurposing the space already present.

It’s important to keep in mind that functional doesn’t mean boring. As Kaylor explained, clients “…want to be inspired. They want to feel like they’re in a different space than just they’re home.” Alleanza Quartz provides style inspiration for those who aren’t quite sure which route they want to take in their design journey. By offering a wide variety of designs from those with more subtle veining to those with drastic veining, AQ is able to turn any ordinary home into a dream home. In its mix also shines the whitest of white quartz designs when compared to quartz materials of other brands.

kaylor quote 1Above Image: Calacatta Bello / AQ218

kaylor quote 2Above Image: Calacatta Bello / AQ218


Quartz is a low-maintenance, stress-free solution for a flexible array of applications. Unlike natural stone, it doesn’t require any sealing and is both stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. “Once it is installed, you don’t have to worry about cleaning beyond some soap and water and a sponge. You don’t have to worry about the staining or the etching, so it’s great for families…”, said Kaylor. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, Alleanza Quartz is NSF and Greenguard Gold certified for safe use in schools, healthcare facilities, and LEED  (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) spaces. This makes it more than great for use in homes where the health of humans and pets is a number one priority. 

Most products come with a short-term warranty, if any at all. Since Alleanza Quartz uses the highest quality quartz crystals and manufacturing process, they stand behind their countertops with a lifetime warranty, which means you’re covered for the entire life of your dream home. This way, you don’t have to walk on egg shells in your own home. You can have your countertops and enjoy them too – live your real life and live it in style. Just in case anything unexpected does happen, an experienced in-house service technician will be sure to find a perfect solution. 

kaylor quote 3Above Image: Neve Supreme / AQ9842


Take a look at Kaylor’s top 2 favorite AQ designs:

1. Calacatta Bello / AQ218
2. Neve Supreme / AQ9842

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