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Drain the “Vain” Out of Your Vanity with Veined Quartz


It’s time your vanity looked itself in the bathroom mirror. Is it honestly helping your family? Is it genuinely bringing you and your guests joy? Or is it becoming more selfish and less attractive every day? Drain the “vain” out of your vanity with Alleanza Quartz veined slabs that will create an attractive and functional design element.

Monarch_Calacatta_Primo_bathroom_modern_1000x750BOOK-MATCHED DESIGN

One of the best ways to add interest to your bathroom is to incorporate symmetry. Alleanza Quartz offers 5 book-matched veined designs that can be used in 2-slab or 4-slab book-matching. You can use book-matched AQ for the vanity itself, especially in a double-sink situation, or for the vanity’s backsplash. Whether you apply this method to one stunning feature wall that matches the vanity, or wrap it around 2 or 3 walls for a more immersive effect, it will create a striking and balanced focal point.

Monarch_Dolomiti_Extra_bathroom_mid_century_1000x750DOUBLE LAYERS

Adding a second layer of quartz underneath the vanity countertop adds more visibility to your design and creates a more open feel. Store spare towels, extra soaps, or other items your family and guests need easy access to. If you seek a hotel/spa-like experience, display toiletries in weaved baskets and fold the towels in rolls. You can even place small décor items here like candles for more ambiance. Plus, you can still enjoy plenty of cabinet space below. Wondering if this will add a layer to your cleaning troubles? Fear not! AQ is antibacterial and stain-resistant, so soft soap and water will wipe your worries away with ease.

Monarch_Michelangelo_bathroom_coastal_1000x750A PLACE TO REST

After all it is a “restroom”, right? Have a seat! Pull up a comfortable chair, stylish stool, or small bench and relax while you comb your hair, do your makeup, or prep a salt scrub. Dipping the countertop elevation in this area gives you a more comfortable place to be soothed by the subtle, waterlike movement of the veined Monarch Collection. This part of the vanity also comes in handy when you need a clean, accessible place to tend to daily or unexpected medical needs. 

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