Welcoming Alleanza Quartz Entryways


A foyer is the first thing you see when you walk into your house. It immediately sets the feeling and ambiance of your home. With Alleanza Quartz, you can ensure your foyer gives your family and guests a warm welcome every time they enter.

Cashmere_Gotham_Grey_honed_foyer_boho_chic_1000X750FRIENDLY GREETING

It’s not “home sweet home” if your home’s not acting sweet. Turn your foyer into a friendly space for all with a clutter-free design that attracts people inward. Warm wood tones coupled with light paint create a soothing balance, while stylish windows and lamps keep the space bright at all times. Benches and side tables with AQ surfaces enhance the space’s design style while providing a rest area to take off shoes, sort through mail, or rest grocery bags. Complimentary décor like a soft indoor welcome mat completes the charm.

Cashmere_Pisa_White_foyer_traditional_1000X750TRADITIONAL GREETING

For a traditional welcome, simplicity often says everything you want it to. A centered table with a fresh floral arrangement from the garden brings life and color to the space as well as a beautiful aroma. Match the wood of the table to stair steps and banisters for an effortless accent. Top off the table with AQ to tie it in with other colors in the room and to add a bit of texture. Browse our designs and order samples today to see which quartz best matches your foyer. Frame the area with wainscoting and hang framed photos or paintings for final touches.

Monarch_Calacatta_Supreme_foyer_traditional_1000x750GREGARIOUS GREETING

For those who love a wow factor, AQ flooring and inlay from the Monarch Collection Monarch Collection will give everyone a more outgoing welcome. High entryway ceilings provide natural sound resonance and add grandeur. Have a round foyer? AQ can be cut into a circle that will serve as a dynamic base for any spiral or semi-curved staircase. It will also highlight any central focal point in the room while creating motion and symmetry. Select a pair of comfortable chairs for a relaxing tone and display art or souvenirs that embody your personal character.

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