Quartz Aquarium Ideas That Will Submerse Your Space In Style


Caring for sea creatures can be a truly rewarding experience, but it can sometimes be a messy challenge. If you’re a sea life lover, but don’t want to poorly impact the aesthetics of your home, AQ is the perfect fit for you. We’ll swim you through some beautiful ways Alleanza Quartz can give your aquarium a clean, stylish boost.


A smooth way to incorporate an aquarium into your design is to make it part of its very foundation: a wall. Use a rectangular or curved tank in the middle of a wall or at the end of wall peninsula. This type of placement provides viewing from rooms on either side of the wall. It also acts as a window to keep the space open with natural light flowing through it. Framing part of the wall adjacent to the tank with a wavy veined design from our Monarch Collection will perfectly highlight the tranquil feeling you’ll get from watching your finned friends glide through the water.

Monarch_Calacatta_Bello_Aquarium_contemporary1000x750AQUA CENTERPIECE

Placing your aquarium in the center of the room provides a captivating focal point for your family and friends to enjoy. Live plants and vibrant coral will add life and complement other colors in the room. They’ll also make your fish and other sea animals feel more at home. Allot cabinet space on one side for convenient access to dedicated storage of pet food, sponges, and other supplies. Then clad AQ to the top and base of the unit to bring out some of the aquarium’s natural texture. Order samples today to see which design best accents your aquarium.

Manhattan_Ferro_Aquarium_boho_chic_1000x750CALMING COUNTERTOPS

Designs from our Manhattan Collection or Cashmere Collection will continue the grained look of sand or pebbles in the tank. This creates a naturally calming counter for your aquarium to rest upon. No matter what type of aquarium configuration you go with, water from the tank and related chemicals may splash. AQ is antibacterial and acid resistant, so you don’t have to worry about permanent staining or damage. Just use mild soap and water, and wipe any splash marks away with a soft cloth. Then take a seat and soak in the beauty of your stylish aquarium.

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