Game Room Installation

Level Up Your Game Room with Quartz Designs


Design’s a game! Are you ready to play? Whether you want to roll the dice and take new chances or prefer to play it safe, Alleanza Quartz has a variety of style ideas that will help you get the most entertainment out of your game room.

Monarch_Calacatta_Oro_game_room_contemporary_1000x750GAME BOARD

Gather around a quartz game table to play board games, card games, and more. The table can be any height, size, or shape to accommodate as many players as you’d like. Is your family favorite a messy game? Do your friends like to keep snacks at the ready while they play? AQ will stand up to spills and stains from food, drinks, pencils, playdough, and tons of other items. It’s also backed by a reassuring lifetime warranty. If you want to level up, add a second matching layer to your table for game storage.

Monarch_Black_Soapstone_game_room_traditional_1000x750GAME PLAN

Whether you want to show off your massive pin-ball machine collection or like to challenge friends to a small round of darts, it’s a good idea to strategize your design game plan. Think about the space required for the games you want to play and how much company you expect to have (don’t forget the occasional party crashers). From classic arcade to modern VR arena, the design style controller is in your hands. Find your style and envision 3D ideas with our AQ Visualizer tool. You can even put your own spin on an AQ snack bar or wet bar – just like you’d find in a real arcade.

Monarch_Calacatta_Primo_game_room_modern_1000x750PLAY TO WIN

Alleanza Quartz creates rewarding style in more ways than one. With AQ, you’re the real winner. Rack up the points and relish your game space in a few simple steps. First, browse our designs and order free samples to see which one will be the winning design. Then, once your project’s complete, send us a picture of your AQ installation to let your space shine in the industry spotlight. Once your space is all set, prepare for some fun, and let the games begin!

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